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Vanilla Cupcakes with Black Goji Buttercream

05 May, 2023

These Vanilla Cupcakes with Black Goji Berry Buttercream are too die for! 😍

- 1 cup plant milk
- 1⁄2 cup sugar
- 1 tsp vinegar
- 1⁄2 cup rice flour
- 1⁄2 cup corn flour
- 1⁄2 cup oat flour
- 2 tbsp tapioca flour
- 2 tsp baking powder
- 1⁄3 cup melted butter

Purple buttercream:
- 1 cup plant milk
- 4 tbsp cornstarch
- 1⁄2 cup powdered sugar
- 1⁄2 cup vegan butter
- 4 tsp @unicornsuperfoods Black Goji Berry Powder

1. In a large bowl combine milk, sugar, and vinegar. Next, add rice flour, corn flour, oat flour, tapioca flour, and baking powder. Lastly, add melted butter and combine. The batter should be creamy and light.
2. Pour the batter into muffin cups lined with muffin liners. Bake for about
25 minutes at 350F (180C).
3. Next, prepare purple buttercream. In a saucepan add milk and cornstarch and cook until thick. Set it aside and cool it down before moving on to the next step.
4. In a large bowl whisk butter with powdered sugar and black goji powder. Slowly add the cornstarch mixture and whisk until airy and light with a hand or a stand mixer.
5. Decorate the muffins with purple buttercream and sprinkles.


Recipe by @chris.says.nature 


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