100% Natural & Vegan Superfoods

To boost energy and nourish your body!

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Add healthy & colourful superfoods

To your breakfast, treats, savoury food, sweets & smoothies

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Add healthy & colourful superfoods

To your breakfast, treats, savoury food, sweets & smoothies

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Improved Superfoods & Blends!

We've revamped our ingredients to maximise health benefits.

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Eco-friendly tools and accessories now available!

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Non gmo

Boost your inner & outer health

With our naturally pigmented superfood powders which have been carefully crafted by naturopaths to make you feel healthy everyday! All of our superfoods and blends are Australian Made with no added nasties.

How To Use

Add 1-2 tsp of our superfoods to boost your daily recipes everyday!


Into smoothies


Into lattes and drinks


Into icing and baking

Add Colour

Into any recipes!


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Customer reviews

I still can't get over how vibrant this blue spirulina is. I consume regular spirulina often and this has none of the strong flavor that often deters people from enjoying it's benefits. Even my kids gave it the "thumbs up"!
- Ben S.
Absolutely LOVED my Pink Pitaya Powder!
Not only is it incredibly nutritious, but it also made my smoothies the most beautiful colour! Made my smoothies that much more enjoyable :) THANK YOU!
- Madison C.
Amazing blend!
I just love ocean blend so much! It’s perfect for smoothie bowls, pancakes, baking, blended drinks, etc. It’s very warm and comforting. It puts me in a good mood and provides many health benefits. I love it!
- Jessica M.
Superblends for superhuman
The powders are just as fun as they are nutritious quality products to add to smoothies, porridges and desserts!
- Deivi T.
Amazing flavour and colour
Immunity blend is amazing! My girls love having it in their health smoothies and their pancakes! The product is out of this world! #gamechanger!
- Claire P.
Awesome Matcha
I tried the different matcha brands before returning again to this one. No clumps. No bitterness. Just perfection.
- Julia R.
The day doesn't begin without Blue Spirulina
Without my porridge looking distinctly blue! I use a teaspoon in my porridge every morning and I totally love it. Thank you so much
- Jan H.
Delicious :)
The colour is so strong and vibrant. It works so good for icing cakes with bright colours and can even be used as face blush (: And yes it smells and taste devine, healthy and natural.
- Shauna M.
Super fun and good
Love the Unicorn Superfoods- it's great that it has such a neutral flavour and can go into just about anything and make it look pretty. Oh, and it super good for you!
- Pamela T.
Tropical paradise!
This is our favourite flavour. It’s so amazing when you have a super green smoothie and this tops it off with a perfect hint of being on a tropical beach!
- Lorinda
Love the Alkalising Blend
I love the alkalising blend because it’s an easy and yummy way to get my greens in, and it doesn’t have a bad taste like I would expect it to have!
- Sarah S.

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