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A Fun and Natural Way for Kids to Get the Nutrients They Need

21 May, 2020

Any parent knows: it can feel impossible getting youngsters to eat healthy. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, kids do best when mealtimes are stress-free, celebrate variety, and are - dare we say - fun!


Paediatricians say that if we want kids to eat healthy foods, we first need to set a positive example. If our kids see us eating healthy fruits and vegetables, they are likely to follow suit.


Involve Kids in Colorful Fun!


Paediatricians say that kids who are involved in food prep are more likely to try the healthy food on their plates. Involve your kiddos in shopping for ingredients, in preparing the food, and setting the table. It piques their curiosity so they’re willing to try the food!


Pro tip: kids love making smoothies! Maybe it’s because blenders are so fun to watch. Maybe it’s because smoothies are colorful and remind them of ice cream. Either way: involve your kids by allowing them to choose smoothie ingredients and by letting them scoop in one of our powerful nutritional superfoods blends.


We all know that kids love bright colors! A study from Cornell University reports that kids prefer an array of colors on their plates, making the rainbow swirl of smoothies the perfect way to engage kids in healthy eating.

Colourful and nutritious superfood powders

...But Avoid Artificial Food Dyes.


Before you reach for artificially-colored foods to entice kids, remember that artificial food dyes are known to have adverse effects on children’s behavior. Multiple studies show that artificial dyes - like those found in some cereals, yoghurts, nutrition bars, and other foods marketed to children - can increase hyperactive behavior in children. While artificial dyes are not known to cause Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), they can exacerbate symptoms.


Another study suggests that artificial dyes might release histamines in children, an inflammatory response that triggers allergy symptoms. No thank you!


100% Natural. 100% Nutrition.


When you’re trying to get your kids to eat, you want them to eat something that’s going to nourish them inside and out. Inspire your kiddo by making some rainbow pancakes, smoothie bowls, or colorful overnight oatmeal. They’ll have so much fun helping you make these recipes, and they’ll be star struck by all the colors! The kids may see fun colors, but we adults know better: that the colors signal a nutritious, nutrient-rich meal.


Meal times should feel natural for a growing family, and the content of the food should be natural, too! Unicorn Superfoods is devoted to providing only natural, USDA organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan superfoods that support growing bodies.

 Colourful and healthy pancakes for kids

Superfoods Your Kids Can’t Resist


Imagine trying to get your kid to eat seaweed. Imagine giving them beetroot or the earthy taste of matcha. And now imagine them loving it! Our superfoods line is chock-full of foods that are high in nutrient value and beneficial to your well-being - and the well-being of your growing children.  


Choose from six colorful superfood packs: blue spirulina, pink pitaya, black goji berry, beetroot, matcha, and acai berry. Mix ‘em in smoothies, bake ‘em in pancakes and baked goods, swirl ‘em together in colorful smoothie bowls, and get a serious dose of antioxidants, fiber, healthy fats, and vitamins that are essential to digestion, healthy skin, immunity, and overall health! It’s time to end picky eating and embrace the natural colors of nutritious, delicious superfoods.


 vegan colourful and healthy cupcakes

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