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Little Gems of Wellness: Health Benefits of Berries

06 Jan, 2023

Berries may be small, but they pack a big punch! Not only is there a variety of delicious kinds of berries, but they carry a host of health benefits thanks to all those wonderful antioxidants.

Benefits of the Antioxidants in Berries

They can help fight premature aging and disease.

Certain everyday processes like vigorous exercise, inhaling cigarette smoke, air pollution, or drinking alcohol can cause free radicals. An overload of free radicals in the body can cause the oxidative stress that is responsible for early aging and even the onset of disease.

Berries are high in antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C, E, lutein, beta-carotene, and lycopene. Antioxidants such as these are known to fight off free radicals, which in turn helps you ward off premature aging and can help you prevent certain diseases.

They can help give your skin a healthy glow.

Berries - lil’ rays of healthy sunshine for your body - have been shown to promote skin health by naturally stimulating collagen production or stopping its breakdown in your body. In addition, antioxidants can help control the free radicals that cause sun damage to your skin. This helps your skin stay smooth and reduces wrinkles.

Benefits of Berries in Weight Management

Berries can help satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you are watching your weight, the sweetness in berries can help satisfy cravings with much less calories and sugar. If you find yourself craving ice cream or cookies, try replacing those choices with yogurt and berries. 

Berries contain lots of fiber.

Foods containing fiber can help with weight loss by eliminating calories. Snacks high in fiber can also help reduce food craving, so, again, it’s a great choice for late-night munching.

Berries increase your body’s metabolism.

Increasing your metabolism helps you burn fat more quickly. Berries are known to be very effective at increasing metabolism that will burn that hard-to-lose belly fat.

Some of our favorite berries that pack a powerful nutritional punch 

Acai berry 

Native to the Amazon region, Acai berries have a pit in the middle - so they are in fact not berries. But hey, we’re not judging. 

They can be made into a beautiful, deep purple puree that has a hint of dark chocolate and blackberries. It’s magical. Their rich color is caused by a flavonoid called anthocyanins, which is what causes the antioxidant effects (3 times that of blueberries!). 

They’re high in healthy fat, but low in sugar. One of the many reasons we love them. 

Other plant compounds in acai can help protect your brain as you age. 

For example, adding acai to your diet can help counteract the oxidation and inflammation that can happen to your brain as you age… helping boost memory and protect your cognitive functioning. 

So, why don’t you ever see acai berries in the produce aisle? 

They have a short shelf life. So short, in fact, that the best way to add them to your diet is through purées, powders and juices.


Make like a moose and eat as many blueberries as you want. Low and calories but chock-full of nutrients, blueberries are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. 

Being berries, blueberries are amazing for many reasons, but they are widely lauded for being great for heart health.

While Coronary Heart Disease is a leading cause of death in Australia, a diet full of blueberries protects your heart and lowers your blood pressure. They may help prevent against heart disease.

According to Healthline, a study of 93,600 nurses found that those with the highest intake of anthocyanins — the main antioxidants in blueberries — were at a 32% lower risk of heart attacks compared to those with the lowest intake (Remember when we mentioned anthocyanins when we were talking about acai berries? This stuff is powerful.) 

What else are these blue beauties good for? Boosting antioxidant levels in the body and helping sore muscles heal after strenuous exercise. So don’t be afraid to pop a handful of these after you get back from your morning jog. 

Black Goji Berry

If you had too many cocktails last night, you might want to reach for the Goji berry for its ability to prevent liver damage. That, and it can help boost your immune system, help you sleep, and prevent aging. 

Berry of miracles? We think so. 

According to Medical News Today, Black Goji Berries feature an ingredient called Beta-Carotene, which is essential for protecting the skin against premature aging, supporting the immune system, and protecting your eyes from vision loss. 

But that’s not all Goji berry brings to the table. 

Drink Goji berry for a mood boost, for improved energy and focus, and for more feelings of calm and contentment. 

Macqui Berry 

Maybe you’ve never heard of Macqui berry, this health-giving fruit native to South America. 

Here at Unicorn Superfoods, we just had to include Macqui Berry in our Berrylicious Blend because of its gut health benefits: as it promotes the growth of good bacteria, boosting your immune, brain, and heart health in the process. 


Not only are blackberries one of the most ubiquitous and delicious berries on this list, but they’re great for dental health. So before you brush em, be sure to support those pearly whites with a handful of blackberries. 

What’s more, blackberries, like all berries, support immune health because they’re packed with vitamin C and manganese. 

Blackberries are also high in fiber, which helps you maintain a healthy weight (by making you feel fuller longer), promotes regular digestion, and slows the rate of sugar absorption. 

Monk Fruit

You won’t find this strange-looking fruit at the grocery store, probably because it’s best used as a sweetener. (In fact, Monk Fruit as a sweetener won’t cause bloating, gas, and allergic reactions like many other sweeteners do.) 

Native to Southern China, the Monk Fruit is named for the monks that cultivated it, and has been a staple of Eastern Medicine for centuries. 

It’s Easy to Add These Berries to Your Daily Diet 

Life is busy. It can be hard to get the nutrients you need every day to support skin health, keep energy levels up, protect the immune system, and keep your heart pumping for years to come. 

That’s why we’re included every single one of these berries in our Berrylicious Blend. So you can add these berries to your daily meals, so health benefits are just a spoonful away. 

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