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Hemp Protein Powder: The Queen of Plant Protein

01 May, 2019
If you’re vegan or vegetarian, chances are you’re used to people asking questions about your diet, especially “How do you get enough protein?” Thankfully, getting enough protein doesn't have to be an uphill battle, especially with protein-packed plants like hemp. Hemp protein powder is made from hemp seeds - which are made up of 35 percent protein.

We love hemp. Why? Hemp is environmentally friendly, easy to digest, and has multiple health benefits. But most impressively, hemp protein contains all nine amino acids that help deliver all the protein your body needs. It’s no wonder that many people consider hemp the best plant-based protein there is. Here are a few reasons we love hemp so much, and the amazing health benefits that just one scoop has to offer.

Hemp Seeds, Amino Acids and Protein: The Building Blocks of Our Bodies

So why are hemp seeds the powerhouse for plant-based protein? In a single tiny seed are all nine essential amino acids the body needs to create proteins.

Amino acids create the essential proteins that help build muscle, regulate immune function, harness energy, produce elastin and collagen, and metabolize fats. In fact, our bodies are made up of roughly 20 percent proteins, and without amino acids, there would be no proteins at all.

What’s more, our bodies can’t make their own amino acids! Every system in our bodies - from our metabolism, to our immune system, to our brains - would not be able to function smoothly if it weren’t for the essential amino acids we get in our diets.

The Importance of Protein

Without enough protein, our bodies start to go haywire. We get a ferocious appetite and have a hard time turning down food, even when we’re not hungry. We experience swelling and bloating. We get horrible mood swings, feel weak from the loss of muscle, and get constantly sick because our immune systems aren’t working their best. Without the protein our bodies need, we have a hard time healing, and a hard time functioning.

That’s because our vital organs, muscles, tissues, and even some hormones are made out of proteins. Proteins boost our metabolisms and allow us to burn fat.They help us stay fuller longer. Without enough protein in our diets, we’d be in trouble!

Protein in the Morning Helps You Lose Weight

Here’s a compelling reason to sprinkle hemp protein powder into that breakfast smoothie: according to Healthline, protein is the single most important nutrient for weight loss.  A protein-packed breakfast reduces feelings of hunger throughout the day. Multiple studies report that starting the day with protein can result in a lowered calorie consumption of 441 fewer calories per day, with minimal effort!

Increasing your protein intake can also help you avoid cravings. If you can never seem to say “no” to the sweets in the office, getting enough protein in your diet may make you simply disinterested in biting into that cupcake. According to a 2014 study, teenage girls who ate a protein-rich breakfast experienced fewer food cravings throughout the day, making it easier to manage a healthy weight and stop thinking about food all the time!

Amazing, right?

In another study, men who ate a high-protein diet “experienced greater fullness throughout the day” and “experienced (a) lower late-night desire to eat”, along with a lower “preoccupation with thoughts of food”.

Just a simple sprinkle of our Hemp Protein Powder delivers 5.8 grams of protein per serving, which can keep you feeling full and ready to take on the day.

Hemp’s Heart-Healthy Fats

Hemp Protein Powder is chock-full of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, giving it the highest fat content of any other protein powder out there.

The misinformed days of avoiding dietary fats is over! Your body needs healthy fats to function! The omega-3 fatty acids in hemp seeds may lower your risk for heart disease, act as an anti-inflammatory, and is a huge boon to brain health, which can starve off depression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and may even be able to protect the brain from premature aging.

In fact, multiple studies show that diets that are higher in healthy fats and lower in carbohydrates help people lose weight far more effectively than diets that are low in healthy fats.

Anti-Inflammatory Oils for Skin Health

Hemp seeds are full of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) that helps fight chronic inflammation. According to Julie Daniluk, RHN, gamma linolenic acid “May help people suffering from eczema, arthritis, and muscle pain” and may also support “healthy hair, nail, and skin health.”

The anti-inflammatory alpha linolenic acid and omega-3 fatty acids can also help stave off chronic pain and disease. Say goodbye to skin rashes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and the effects of premature aging!

Kind to The Environment

The foods we eat have an impact on the environment, and this fact alone is why many people choose to become vegans and vegetarians. Plant foods are far easier on the environment than animal products, and happily, the growth and cultivation of Hemp Protein Powder does not have a negative impact on the environment. It’s a sustainable choice, as the cultivation of hemp does not require noxious chemicals or pesticides. It even takes up half the space to grow as cotton!

The Best Way to get a Powerful Dose of Protein

Hemp is a complete source of protein that packs a good dose of fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, and heart-healthy fats. It’s hands-down one of the best ways to get a serious dose of protein in the morning, and our Hemp Protein Powder makes it super easy!

To eat fewer calories during the day and avoid cravings, start your day by sprinkling some delicious Hemp Protein Powder in smoothies or morning protein bars. Enjoy the mild, earthy flavor, and get an edge from the serious health benefits.