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Achy Joints? Signs You Have Too Much Inflammation (& How Nutrition Can Help)

02 Jun, 2021

Inflammation is an important mechanism in the human body that helps us heal and operate properly… but too much of it is also the root of much disease and illness. It can keep you from leading your best life. Inflammation is also scary because it’s something you can’t see. 

When you have acne, it’s super obvious. It feels like people can see it from a mile away. But inflammation is something that is pretty hard to see until it starts to create problems. Your body will give you signals. You just need to listen. 

Signs you have too much inflammation

There are many indications that you might be experiencing inflammation. This could be anything from joint aches, to mouth sores to fatigue, to depression or weight gain. All things that can really bring you down. 

Inflammation often shows up with symptoms that are quite obvious. You might get a rash or eczema. Worse, it can impact your joints, making them red, swollen and painful. When this happens, it’s time to slow down, see the doctor, and perhaps take stock of your diet choices.

Best foods to combat inflammation

Managing stress and exercising are two ways to combat inflammation. But your diet is also very important. So much of the food we grab while on the run is overly-processed and causes MORE inflammation. We need to turn this around by eating lots of foods that fight inflammation. Here are a few of the very best anti-inflammatory foods.



This includes delicious fruit like blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. Berries have a superpower which is their high level of antioxidants. These are wonderful nutrients that neutralize the free radicals that are very often the root of inflammation. 

Berries also have chemicals that support a healthy immune system. That way you can be healthy and active now, and for many years to come. 

Green Tea/Matcha

Green tea and matcha are full of catechins. These are amazingly healing flavonoids (antioxidants) that help your body repair on a cellular level. There is also much interest in the role of catechins in the prevention of diseases. 

Many cultures drink a cup or two of green tea every day for good health. If you want to fight inflammation and age well so that you’re still able to be active at 50, 60, and beyond, a daily regimen of green tea is highly advised. 


You may know turmeric as a yellow spice. It’s most often used to flavor dishes like Indian food. However, you may not know that turmeric is a powerhouse anti-inflammatory food.

Curcummin is one of the most anti-inflammatory chemicals in turmeric. Since it can be difficult to eat enough of it in spice form, this is one the people often take as a supplement. 

Dark Chocolate/Cocoa

How about some great news? Dark chocolate can actually be considered a Superfood for its high level if flavenoids, a category of antioxidants. Dark chocolate is as healing as it is delicious. And it’s a great food to eat if you’d like to reduce your inflammation.

However, there is a caveat. So don’t rush out and buy 100 candy bars quite yet. You want to eat dark chocolate that is low in sugar. That’s because sugar is a highly inflammatory food

Unicorn Superfoods Anti-inflammatory Mixes

Unicorn Superfoods has your back when it comes to fighting inflammation. They have yummy mixes that are filled with anti-inflammatory real foods that are healing and nourishing. 

These fit easily into your get-up-and-go, always on the run lifestyle. They mix easily into a shake. Or mix them into treats, smoothies, lattes and sweet breakfasts such as pancakes or waffles.

Berrylicious Blend - Full of all those power, antioxidant filled berries. This is light and refreshing. And it’s perfect for fighting those free-radicals that are at the root of inflammation.

Organic Ceremonial Matcha - This is perfect for someone who wants all the health promoting benefits of tea without having to sip from a warm cup all day. This will give you more energy than coffee without making you jittery. Plus, it’s overflowing with anti-inflammatory flavonoids.

Immunity Blend - This one is exactly as it sounds. A flavorful citrus drink that helps strengthen your immune system by fighting against inflammation. It’s high in tumeric, as well as other nutrient rich fruit and vegetables. Free radicals are in for a fight when you drink this one. 

Tropicana Blend -- chock full with pineapple and turmeric, this delicious tropical blend is sure to support your joint health, as these foods combat inflammation.

Your active lifestyle supports your health. But what you eat matters too. That’s why Unicorn Superfoods has your back when it comes to fighting inflammation. Which flavor will you try first?



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