We are twins from Australia with an undeniable love for health and fitness.

About Us

Unicorn Superfoods was founded in 2017 by twin sisters Sylvana and Cassandra, who believe that healthy foods can be fun, inspiring, beautiful, delicious and easy to incorporate into everyday life. Our 100% natural superfood and plant protein powders are carefully formulated by naturopaths and designed to boost health and beauty, with no artificial colourings, sweeteners, or preservatives. Simply add them to water, smoothies, lattes, juices, treats, pancakes, baked goods, and much more.

All superfoods and proteins are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and dairy-free, child-friendly, and made proudly in Australia. Through making healthy food beautiful, creative, and accessible, Unicorn Superfoods hopes to inspire healthier habits across the globe.

Our story

Watching a close family member suffer through cancer plunged us into a period of mental health challenges that forced us to consider how food impacts our wellbeing. By embracing natural remedies, wholesome nutrition, and exercise, we were able to heal, free our minds, and achieve good health essential to a fulfilling life. Our transformation inspired us to share the power of a healthy lifestyle with others - to encourage a natural, holistic way of life that celebrates creative, delicious food.

Our mission To inspire joyful relationships with nutritious foods. To bring color, creativity, and flavor to everyday nutrition. To provide 100% all-natural ingredients of the highest quality sourced from our beautiful planet.

Join us on our journey

Aside from the awesome benefits associated with our superfoods, we enjoy being creative with our products and you should too. Unicorn Superfoods are perfect for every day use as they are vegan friendly, gluten free and 100% natural with no nasties. Not to mention the delicious taste it adds to your food!

Join us on our Unicorn Craze today and use your imagination to explore with our vibrant coloured superfood range.

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