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Top 5 benefits to incorporating adaptogens into your diet

12 Oct, 2021

Perhaps you have heard about adaptogens: a powerful sub-category of herbs and mushrooms that help the body ease through the stress response. Maybe you’ve wondered how to incorporate them into your diet… and maybe you’re wondering “why?” 

Adaptogens are naturally, non-toxic, and naturally healing. Many people add them to smoothies, teas, and other healthy drinks.

There are so many ways that you can benefit from taking adaptogens. 

Today, we want to discuss the 5 most exciting reasons to incorporate adaptogens into your diet. 

Lower cortisol levels


Stress is more than just a feeling. Stress creates a physical reaction in the body. One that you can actually measure.

This is because when you’re feeling stressed, you’re secreting a hormone called cortisol. And when cortisol levels spike, this can translate into big problems for your body. 

Cortisol can increase anxiety and depression. It can make it difficult to get quality sleep. It can disrupt your digestion and even contributes to disorders like IBS. And it can contribute to things like insulin resistance and even obesity. 

Adaptogens help you naturally lower your cortisol. 


Improve cognitive performance

You might not know this, but you can actually feed your brain.

Many adaptogens are nutrient-dense and are great for a cognitive boost. They help with everything from focus to improved cognitive skills. 

Increase physical stamina

We can’t help you get motivated for the gym. But with adaptogens, we can help you improve your physical performance once you get there. 

Adaptogens can help increase muscle endurance and can prevent muscle fatigue which can cut your workout short. 

Plus it can improve your mood. And when you're enjoying your workout, you're likely to do it for longer!

Fight against anxiety and depression

We all feel stress from time to time. But the way we deal with it might not be that healthy.

Maybe we grab a few drinks. Or perhaps we eat more than a few potato chips. And while that may make things feel better temporarily, the long term effects are pretty negative. 

Adaptogens can help your body adapt to stress. And they can ease anxiety and depression. So when you’re struggling to get through the hour, they help you adapt and manage.

Adaptogens don’t just cover up your anxiety and depression. They help you handle it in a stronger way. 

Improve sleep quality

Life is tiring. Those hours at night we spend resting and recuperating are vital. 

But good quality sleep can be elusive. And while having some red wine before bed may help you temporarily fall asleep, alcohol can lead to poor quality sleep throughout the night.

Adaptogens help you lower cortisol levels and better deal with anxiety. And this doesn’t just help you feel better during the day. It assists you sleep well throughout the night and wake up rested. 

Get all the benefits of adaptogens

Want two easy ways to get more adaptogens in your diet.

Wake Me Up Blend

This will give you the shot of energy you need to start your day. It’s full of adaptogens for focus, and good energy like gingko, maca, and guarana. Plus the taste is good enough to help motivate you out of bed and towards your day!

Sweet Dreams Blend

This helps you fall into an easy, blissful slumber. And it has all the most relaxing adaptogens like passionflower, valerian, and ashwagandha. Plus its chocolate blend will make your evening even sweeter. 



Adaptogens are safe and natural. So you’ve got everything to gain by taking them. As you can see, they can help you feel better, think clearer, and have the energy to live life to the fullest!

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