Unicorn Superfoods Recipes

Colorful Overnight Oatmeal

15 Nov, 2018

This dish is sure to brighten your mood and it is a delicious breakfast option. Overnight oats never looked so good!



  1. Add 1 cup oat yoghurt, 1 cup oat milk, 4 tablespoons oats and 3 teaspoons chia seeds, 1 tsp of sweetener of your choice in 1 bowl and stir until well combined and store in the fridge overnight.
  2. The next day pour the overnight oatmeal in 4 small bowls mix in 1 tsp Pink Pitaya powder, 1 tsp Black Goji Berry powder , 1 tsp Blue Spirulina powder, 1 tsp Alkalising Blend in each bowl until your happy with the color consistency.
  3. Then make lines from the 4 colors in a wide bowl (important that its not a deep bowl)
  4. Top off with your fav toppings and enjoy!

Created by: @jannieslifestyle