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Healthy Gut Refresher

07 Nov, 2022

Over-indulged this weekend? 🤭

We know we definitely do sometimes! Maybe you’re feeling sluggish, constipated, depressed.... and maybe even your skin is breaking out.⁠

This Healthy Gut Refresher is just what your body needs! 🙋‍♀️⁠

Mondays are actually just Mini New Years, and so they are the perfect time to get your Healthy Habits back on track 💪

Let's start with giving our gut some TLC with a mix of natural healing probiotics, herbs, and vitamins. 🌿⁠

This super tasty drink is very refreshing and has a DELICIOUS peach/vanilla flavour 🧡⁠ and is super easy to make with only 3 ingredients... 

- 2tsp Unicorn Superfoods Healthy Gut Blend
- 1 cup Apple Juice 
- Ice

Mix together and enjoy! 🍸

Recipe by @kristeacafe

healthy gut blend

Healthy Gut Blend

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