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The Best Foods For Energy & Vitality

08 Jul, 2021

Whether you prefer to seize life from a surfboard, a boardroom, or a snowboard, you need the energy it takes to go all in. 

None of us want to miss out, but sometimes our energy levels prevent us from living our fullest lives. 

There’s nothing worse than feeling sidelined. That’s why we put together this list of foods that kill your energy, and foods that give you MORE energy. Because what you put in your body impacts how energetic you feel. 

So especially when you’re feeling overbooked and overworked, put emphasis on these foods so you can achieve vitality and wellness. 

Foods that kill your energy

There are certain foods that will zap your energy and leave you feeling heavy. Foods high in simple carbohydrates such as white breads and pastas can leave you feeling sleepy and sluggish. (We’ve all been there!) 

Foods with lots of added sugars are another no-no. You might be tempted to over-indulge because that chocolate macchiato will give you a quick shot of energy. But after the initial energy spike, you’ll feel yourself crash.

Even energy drinks and supplements can be a problem. Even if they’re advertised as “healthy”, many of them are packed with sugar and extreme levels of caffeine. Sure, you’ll be energized for an hour or so. But then you’ll start to feel tired, headachy, and maybe even a little sick. 

An artificial vs natural energy boost: what’s the difference? 

We just went over some artificial ways to get more energy. But as you see, the effects are very short-term. They give you an artificial high, and then sink you low. 

What’s the alternative? 

Nutritious whole foods, of course! 

Nutritious sources of energy will not only support your body, but your entire wellbeing. And because they are naturally supportive, they’ll help you achieve a steady stream of energy that lasts all day. 

They’ll leave you with a sense of clarity, not a crash that leads to exhaustion and regret.  

Eat THIS to improve energy, clarity, and vitality 

You can be invigorated and genuinely interested in what happens during the day … instead of wanting to curl up and sleep. 

Here are some of the best foods and nutrients for staying your most energetic, productive self. 

Plant-Based Protein

Protein from plants is a good source of calories that won’t spike your blood sugar. It’s important for building tissues and muscles, and it helps other bodily functions as well, such as giving you strong bones, a boosted immune system, and even helps you cut fat and overcome cravings. 

We love plant-based protein because it helps fill us up… without the energy slump. You can thank protein for being able to go further, even after you’ve burned up all your available calories. 

In fact, we took great care to put the highest-quality plant-based protein we could find in our Plant Protein Powders. We made sure to include nutritional powerhouses like Pea Protein, Maca, and Lucuma that helps keep you feeling fuller longer, builds muscle mass, boost athletic performance, and improve your mood. 


chocolate fudge protein balls

Berries (and fruit in general!) 

Acai, Blueberry, Strawberry… some of our favorite foods are also the ones that give us a great kick of the right kind of energy. 

They contain natural sweetness that won’t artificially spike your blood sugar. And they contain fiber so the sugar hits your bloodstream in a more sustained way. 

This means a longer lasting, more steady energy supply that won’t leave you tired and burnt out.  

If you rely on your energy levels to focus, know this: acai berries actually boost brain power. And, according to Chemist Direct, acai berries are “the near-perfect energising fruit” because of their “combination of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals” that tackle fatigue and exhaustion. 

Blue Spirulina

You might be surprised to see an under-sea plant on this list, but hear us out: even Chopra called blue spirulina the “superfood for energy.” 

Beyond being extremely high in essential nutrients, Blue Spirulina may boost athletic endurance. 

So if you need energy to boost your athletic performance and stamina, look no further than blue spirulina to give you endurance and burn some fat. 

Also check out our Ocean Blend you can easily add to smoothies and baked goods.


Blue spirulina smoothie

Herbal Teas (Including our favorite, Matcha!) 

Where coffee can leave you jittery, black, oolong and green teas tend to contain moderate amounts of caffeine that will help you feel your best. Plus they tend to be super healthy and good for immunity. And they contain flavenoids which promote a calm, focused energy.

Even Healthline tells us to drink a cup of Matcha tea every morning to boost energy. 

“Unlike coffee, matcha provides a less jittery pick-me-up,” Says Healthline, “This is due to matcha’s high concentration of flavonoids and L-theanine, which increases the brain’s alpha frequency band and produces relaxing effects by raising serotonin, GABA, and dopamine levels.”

Be sure to snag some of our Organic Ceremonial Matcha so you can start the day by boosting your mood, relaxing, enjoy sustained energy throughout the day, and even help with weight management. Yes, please!

matcha lattee 

Maybe you’ve bitten off more adventure than you can chew. But your life won’t get the best of you. It just comes down to how you feed your body. Do it right, and you’ll be running and dancing through each day with clarity, vitality, and a feeling of wellbeing. 

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