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Protein Suitable For a Vegan Diet: What to Look for in Vegan Protein Supplements

28 Jan, 2021

So you’ve sworn off animal-based foods for good. Or maybe you're just trying to eat more meatless meals. Good for you. You’re doing something healthy for your body, your heart, and our planet.

But before you go and celebrate your new found health, let’s take a minute to talk about protein. Now that you’re not relying on animal protein to build healthy skin and bones, you need a plant-protein game plan. 

Eating mac n cashew cheese all day may seem fun. But you’ll be missing out on protein which is an essential nutrient. And it’s so important for feeling good, performing well, and living your best life. 

First, let’s take a minute to talk about why protein is so important - especially for vegans.

Are Plant-based proteins “Incomplete”? 

Meat eaters don’t have to focus on getting enough protein in their diets. Why? Because animal proteins are considered “nutritionally complete.” They have all the amino acids the human body requires. 

Plant-based protein on the other hand… while better for your heart health, do not contain all the required amino acids. 

The solve? 

Make sure you’re getting all the protein you need!  

The best way to do this is mixing pure, all-natural plant-based proteins in with smoothies and baked goods, like from our delicious plant-based protein powder line. 

caramel slice vegan protein smoothie

How Much Vegan Protein is Enough?

So now you know you need to focus on protein. But how much is enough?

Needs may vary based on activity level and other factors. But in general, women should have about 50 grams of protein each day. Men should have about 60 grams of protein a day.

Diversity is key. You want to eat a wide range of good quality protein so you take in all those needed amino acids. So, focus on getting your protein from a variety of sources. 

Vegan Protein Supplements: A Great Way to Get Enough Plant-Based Protein

You’re busy. So you don’t want to burden your day by making sure you’re getting the appropriate protein and eating a diverse diet. That’s when supplements come into play. 

A high quality protein supplement will simplify your diet. Instead of spending your time focusing on getting all the different sources of protein, take a high quality supplement. And this will ensure that you’re getting the nutrition you need to look your best and live your most energetic life.

There are many supplements on the market, but not all of them are high-quality. You want to make sure you choose carefully, especially for something you put in your body. That way, you’re getting something that will be nourishing instead of depleting. Don’t fall for any old supplement.

Look for Supplements with Minimal and Natural Ingredients

There are two types of supplements. The first are ones that are overly processed and filled with chemicals. They have long lists of ingredients of things you don’t  easily recognize and can’t even pronounce. We’ll call these “fake foods”.

The second are vegan supplements that are made from whole foods. You recognize all the ingredients on the label because they’re real foods. These are packed with nutrition and are way more health supportive than those fake foods.

 vegan vanilla protein powder

Look for a Solid Amino Acid Profile

Remember, your vegan protein supplement must include the same amino acid profile as meat proteins. 

So, your supplement must have a diverse array of protein sources. If you have an incomplete protein source without all the amino acids, your body will still be protein deprived. 

A great combination is a mix of brown rice and pea proteins. First, this is easy to digest. Plus, these protein sources have all those needed amino acids. They’re an ideal combination for their amino acid profile. 

Look for Digestive Enzymes & Fiber

A bonus of including a vegan supplement in your diet is that it can include digestive enzymes and prebiotic fibers. You can eat a great diet. But if you’re not digesting it properly, you won’t get all the benefits of what’s on your plate. 

Fiber is also very important as well. A vegan or vegetarian diet is an opportunity to get more fiber with all those plant based foods. And a good supplement can further support that. 

A Great Bonus: Added Nutrition! 

The great thing about a good vegan protein supplement is that it can offer added nutrition. Here are some foods that can further support your diet.


This can offer so many vitamins and minerals. It has such a complete nutrient profile. And additionally, it can balance out your hormones. That way you feel great every day of the month.


This one has so many antioxidants, giving you strong immunity and wellness. Plus it’s supportive of a healthy heart and it can even support healthy blood sugar levels.


Cocoa has been shown to lift your mood. Plus it has polyphenols that are good for your heart, your immune system, and your total body health. And let’s get to the real reason you love this. It just tastes good!

Vegan Protein Powder for Optimal Plant-Based Health!

So now you what to look for in a vegan supplement. You want a vegan protein powder that has all these nutritional components, tastes terrific, will give you vibrant skin and hair, and will taste great!

So for those of you living a full, vibrant, and active life, be sure to check out our brand new line of Plant Protein Powders. They have all the complete ingredients you need to pop these powders in your smoothies .. and never think about it again. 


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