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Detoxify and Boost Metabolism by Alkalising Your Body

03 Sep, 2019
Our bodies self-regulate a pH balance of acidity and alkalinity that helps our body systems function. Our bodies prefer to stay slightly in the alkaline range, as too much acidity can mess with our digestive system, heart health, bone density, immune system, respiratory system, and cause inflammation and stress. The key to health is a slightly more alkaline body, and while our bodies are able to naturally maintain a proper pH level, the foods we eat are essential in helping maintain this balance.

Why Alkalise The Body?

Studies show that there are plenty of reasons to strike a more alkaline body environment, as an alkaline body is better able to fight disease and detoxify.

Here are some of our favorite reasons to stick to an alkaline diet:

- Stimulates metabolism and helps you lose weight
- Less pain and disease due to inflammation
- Stronger bones
- Healthier, stronger muscles
- Helps mitigate chronic disease
- Improved heart health
- Improved cognition and mental clarity
- Helps the body absorb essential nutrients
- Increased energy and lower stress

How to Alkalise Your Body

The foods we eat make our bodies more acidic or alkaline. The trick: avoid foods that are high in acidity, such as meat, alcohol, sugar, refined and processed carbs, soda and animal proteins such as cheese, milk, and butter. Every morning when you wake up, hydrate with a warm cup of lemon water. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into warm water. Even though we think of lemons as acidic, they have an alkalising effect on the body. Most importantly, it’s essential to eat healthy whole foods that alkalise your body. These foods are plant-based, nutrient-dense, and rich in antioxidants. They fight damage from oxidation, stave off premature ageing, and protect your bone health, skin health, mental clarity, energy levels, and cell regeneration.

Here are some of the most powerful alkalising foods:


Heralded as the most alkaline plant food around, alfalfa is a staple for the alkaline diet. Featuring powerful digestive enzymes that help your body assimilate nutrients, alfalfa not only benefits the kidneys, but it also cleanses your body with its natural chlorophyll, a natural antibacterial. It’s no wonder that alfalfa has been celebrated for centuries for its healing properties.

Kale and Spinach

Nutritionists and researchers laud the endless health benefits of leafy greens, and it's no wonder, because they pack an alkaline punch. Kale and spinach contain calcium and iron, benefiting bone health and cardiovascular function.


Spirulina is a favorite here at Unicorn Superfoods because it contains all the essential fatty acids that are good for both your skin health and cognitive clarity. A form of sea algae, it’s rich in protein, iron, and A and B vitamins.


Chlorella is also a form of sea algae with a powerful ability to cleanse toxins from the body, including pesticides and heavy metals. Chlorella contains the most chlorophyll per gram than any other plant, which makes it useful for cleansing the body, supporting the digestive system, increasing beneficial gut flora, and balancing the body’s pH.


Matcha is stone-ground green tea, and is packed with beneficial antioxidants. The health benefits of matcha are hard to exaggerate, as it helps boost energy and metabolism, helps slow the effects of ageing, aids in weight loss, and boosts cognitive performance and focus.

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