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Adaptogens: Your Key to Better Sleep

21 Feb, 2024

A good night's sleep is so important. But what are you supposed to do if you’re just not able to get quality rest?

Your mind is going crazy. You’re full of energy. And your body wants rest but your head says no. 

If this tossing and turning scenario sounds like you, adaptogens might help you sleep through a full night. 

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a powerful sub-category of herbs and mushrooms that help the body heal and move healthfully through the stress response. So, in a word, they help you relax.

Adaptogenic herbs are a form of herbal medicine. They exist in nature as part of plants or herbs. 

There are a wide variety of healing adaptogens. And people supplement them in their diet to help with physical and emotional stress and anxiety.

They help bring your body back into balance and achieve a state of homeostasis. Plus they are safe, non-toxic and are not habit forming. 

Adaptogens and cortisol

One of the main ways that adaptogens help the body with stress is through the hormone cortisol. This is a stress hormone. 

Cortisol helps us if we need to flee, or fight for our lives. However, with everyday stress and worries, cortisol might be more of a burden than a help. 

And too much cortisol can help keep you wired at night. And this will make it difficult when you want to settle down to sleep. 

Adaptogens and sleep

Adaptogens have long been used to get restful sleep. 

For instance, they can help control cortisol. 

So adaptogens can reduce cortisol. They can calm your nervous system. And they can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

Good adaptogens for sleep

So now you’re sold on the idea of adaptogens for sleep. Which adaptogens should you take? 

Here are some excellent adaptogens for getting all your needed zzzs.


This comes from an evergreen shrub from Asia and Africa. And this is a powerful adaptogen. 

People commonly take ashwagandha as a supplement. And it is great for helping you reduce stress. 

In fact, ashwagandha may help reduce cortisol levels. And this will help you sleep better. 


Valerian is a perennial flowering plant. And it is a powerful herb that has sedative properties.

For this reason, valerian has long been used to help with sleep disorders. And it is widely used to help alleviate the symptoms of insomnia.

You take it orally. It can help you reduce levels of anxiety and get a good night’s sleep. 


Passionflower is an adaptogen that helps with general tension. This is one that can have tremendous benefits for your entire nervous system.

Passionflower is physically and mentally calming. 

However, one of its main uses comes down to sleep. Passionflower calms the nervous system, thus allowing for natural restful sleep. 


You may love the smell of lavender. And you might know that it can help you feel calm.

But it’s not all in your head. Lavender has real relaxing properties.

And it has shown to be an excellent natural remedy for insomnia and other sleep problems. You can take it orally, or inhale it. Either way, you can take advantage of its calming properties. 

Sweet Dreams Blend

The Sweet Dreams Blend is a functional blend that you can enjoy before bed. And it has all of these amazing adaptogens, traditional herbs and prebiotics for sleep.

Tossing and turning can be a thing of the past. This adaptogenic beverage is safe, non-toxic, and not habit forming. 

And best of all. It will help you fall asleep quickly, and stay asleep throughout the night.

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