Porridge never looked so good! 🦄

Colorful Oats

                                                                          Recipe by @earthfulbliss

🦄 Blue Spirulina & Pink Pitaya Porridge🦄



  • In two small saucepans place one half of the oats in one pan and the rest in the other. Then pour half of the milk into each pan.
  • In one of the saucepans stir through the blue spirulina and in the other, the pitaya.
  • Place both of the pans on the stove over medium heat, stirring every couple of minutes. If the pan begins to dry up you may need to add more milk. Cook on stove until the oats become thick and creamy.
  • Pour both sets of oats into a bowl and serve with whatever you like, but I would recommend some fresh fruit! 

Colorful oats

                                                                                          Enjoy! 🦄

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